XPOINT indoor tracking system

XPOINT is a BLE hardware transmitter-a class of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices that broadcast their identifier to nearby portable  electronic devices.


Businesses risk asset loss, inaccurate records, regulatory non-compliance, shortened asset lifespan from poor maintenance, and uninformed decisions.


XPOINT offers innovative BLE tracking devices, optimizing logistics, preventing theft, enabling predictive maintenance, and enhancing utility monitoring.


Discover XPOINT's versatile capabilities, offering customizable features that enhance asset management efficiency and reliability.


XPOINT transforms asset management, ensuring data integrity, enabling real-time monitoring, and optimizing operations for various sectors.


XPOINT is a lightweight device that can be easily fixed on any object.

Safe & Secure

Xpoint's infrastructure is built to prevent unauthorised modification.

Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring technologies with cloud based software.

Enhance logistics

Track assets in transit with optimize routes.